Top 10 things you should know before you visit Rome as a tourist

Rome is an amazing city to visit. I did, and here are my top 10 things you should know before you visit Rome as a tourist.

  1. Get out of Rome
    So many things to see just outside of Rome. Monasteries, old small fortified cities, you name it.
  2. Rent a car
    Not expensive, not that bad to drive in Rome. Do get cover, ’cause when the park, they park rough.
  3. Street parking is not too bad
    1-2E / hr
  4. Use electric bicycles
    Rent it on the spot to avoid having to walk walk and walk. Jump (by Uber) is available in Rome, as are others.
  5. Select your district first
    North of old town is shops, old town is touristy trap restaurants, cool bars is Trasteverne, Central station is convenient for public transport.
  6. Check the opening hours
    No standard, so check before you go. The Forum closes at 15:30…
  7. Book some things ahead of time
    Day one in Rome, book the most common attractions to avoid lines.
  8. Find something to do at night in winter
    Stuff closes a lot, too cold to sit outside in winter.
  9. The toilets are different
    Bit hard to find, not too clean, sometimes no lock, paper in a basket, foot pedal to flush or water.
  10. Skip some things
    So many old beautiful things to see, you might have to skip some.
  11. Food is not fantastic everywhere
    Even when you try your best, there is plenty of average food to be had. Lots of places beg for 5 star reviews, which screws up Tripadvisor even more. House wines, coffee and street pizza usually is darn good though.
  12. Standard ‘learn some of the language’ and ‘follow the kids for cheap good food’


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