Realistic fantasy mac configurator

So much discussion on what Apple is doing with the Mac lineup. We probably all want the power of a Mac Pro in small MacBook form, with loads of ports, infinite battery and levitation option. For about $400. But even Apple can’t make that Mac (yet).

Here however, I’d like you to configure your realistic fantasy Mac which Apple could realistically make and sell today. Why? Mainly for fun, and a dash of being interested in what you’d choose if you had to make that call. Perhaps it would even send a signal to the fruit company itself. Let’s see.

Want to see what Macs others have created? You can have a look at the results any time!

//Yes this would be much better in a graphic drag and drop website, with great data analysis. Unfortunately, I can’t code worth a …. . So, if you can, please make a better version or do something cool with the data 🙂


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