An all in one solution to WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, gmail, Twitter and more: Franz

UPDATE: Rambox is like Franz, but open source and actively developed and therefore Rambox is better 🙂

A ‘problem’ a lot of us probably have, too many (social media) platforms to keep track of. One team want to use Twitter, the other a WhatsApp group and some security focussed folks want Telegram (or fervently not). It’s almost unavoidable to be in multiple groups, in multiple apps.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one place on your computer to see all that incoming stuff? I tried routing everything to email (lots of work and clicking through), and searched for apps. Now I think I have something: the free Fritz app.

One app, all the platforms in tabs. And keyboard shortcuts for the tabs. And renaming and reordering. And having the platform exactly as you would have online.

Any downsides? Looks like a small developer so support and future availability might be a risk (so support him or her), and it really is just a Chrome browser with dressed up/down. And because it’s basically a Chrome browser running, it does use quite a bit of battery.

I like Franz. We don’t have a long history together yet, but I see a nice future for us.

Franz is free (although a donation is appreciated I hear), available on Mac, Windows and Linux.


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