These are the top makers and projects form the second Maker Faire in Hannover held on July 5th and 6th 2014. The ‘Die top 5 Maker Faire Hannover’ so to speak, and a Maker Faire Hannover review. All IMHO* of course.

1. Welding done by kids

DSC04126A five year old kid doing some welding? Well, with the right instructors apperantly that works! How cool. Kids pick a design, cut the metal parts, hammer the parts and weld them together. Something they probably wouldn’t have experienced without the Maker Faire. Thanks to the local transportation company to offer this workshop, way to go!

2. Fully automatic book scanner

DSC04150A fully automated book scanner. Turning pages by using air from a hairdryer. It scans books or magazines, the design is all open source. For more info you will have to email the team at, no online info available so far.

3. 360 GoPro rig

DSC04187You might have seen results of this work before online, the 360 degrees videos it’s made are quite famous. If you’ve got six GoPro cameras and a 3D printer, with this 3D printable object you can go 360 video shooting. Love the gaffer tape to hold the GoPros in place. The maker, Jonas Ginter, promises a version 2 soon which will be submersible.

4. Pretty Arduino clocks

DSC04119I’ve seen some more Arduino clocks before on Maker Faires, but these I did like. Pretty and clean.

5. Steampunk USB

DSC04175It’s the little things. A steampunk USB key laying around somewhere in between just captured me a bit. So cute!

Bonus : Drink mixing robot

DSC04180It mixes drinks, it’s a robot. What more do you need?

Maker Faire Hannover review

Being the second Maker Faire Hannover, they had time to grow. And boy did they. Two halls instead of one. 100 booths/displays. Two days instead of one. And probably more visitors.


From the Maker Faires I visited in Europe, this feels like the most well organized, commercialized Maker Faire. Is that a bad thing? Maybe, for some. I like to buy some things on a Maker Faire no doubt, so I don’t mind. As long as there are enough makers left, and there were.

  • In My Humble Opinion; I’m hopelessly biased since I’ve been organizing the Groningen Mini Maker Faire since 2010 (first ever Maker Faire on continental Europe) and a maker myself.

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